The Barn Crew

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We weaned our spring calves last week.

And when we wean, we vaccinate, de-worm, pour, weigh, sort, and tattoo the calves. This takes a little time and needs several hands to run efficiently.

But as luck would have it, we had many volunteers!

Marci’s job was to load the tattoo gun for Clint, but she had some extra help periodically throughout the day.

Ty liked to help put the green ink in the calf’s ear.

He also helped run the chute while Joe vaccinated and poured the calves.

Oh, and can you see Rhett way in the back? He looks like a ghostly shadow. His job was to keep the calves pushed to us. He did a great job.

And we had some sweet bystanders.

It makes the days so much more fun when the kids are out there.

Ack! Who’s that?! Why is an alien from another planet recording our calves’ weights?

What in the world??? What’s going on here?

Holy cow. This post just went downhill in a hurry. Now we’ve been infiltrated by Matt and Ashton from the gathering crew.

I’ll show you pictures from those guys tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day!

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