The Branding

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

But, that’s not really what this post is about. It’s about branding. Freeze branding to be exact. We freeze branded the fall bulls right before Christmas. But the branding I want to show you about actually took place right after Christmas…in my living room. It was a huge event.

It all started with this Sharpie marker. That’s the new branding iron you see.

And as soon as Matt got his new iron and several shipments of cattle in over Christmas, he saddled up his horses, gathered his crew, and had a branding of his own. He was very busy. (That’s Matt on the horse…)

As soon as Matt would get the calf dragged to the fire, his trusty cowboys would go to work.

This went on for quite some time.

Every cow, calf, bull, and horse on the place got a fresh, new brand. I was surprised the dogs didn’t get branded. But the cowboys had fun and no one sustained any injuries, so it was considered a success.

And after all the work was done, he had a ranch full of branded cattle.

Have a great day!

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