The Bridge

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We moved the spring heifers to some CRP ground this week.  It was just your typical, everyday cattle drive…except, we had to cross a bridge.  And while crossing a bridge with cattle isn’t usually that big of a deal, crossing a bridge with heifers can be.

But we had a…


Notch… Crew.As we neared the bridge, everyone’s anxiety level picked up.

Okay, apparently it was just my anxiety level that increased.  These boys look pretty calm.

Anyway, we hit the bridge, and…these girls walked across it like champs.  They didn’t even miss a beat.

And up the hill they went to their new home and they all lived happily ever after.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Have a great weekend!

P. S. Am I the only one who really likes that picture of Joe?

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  1. When I got to Joe’s picture, I thought, “Ooh, that could be a contest winning photo!” Or, maybe a WFA calendar. He could be Mr. September!

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