The Bulls are In

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The guys finished the bull barn last week. It looks awesome! I am so proud of Clint and Joe for all their hard work and dedication to the building. It was quite a project.

We put our first 50 head of yearling bulls in there on Saturday and it reminded me of going to a brand-new motel room for the first time.   So I thought of an ad we could show to our bulls:

“Openings at the Werner Family Angus Bull Barn. Please plan to stop in and stay for a while. The pens are large and spacious with clean, fresh bedding and a delicious all-you-can eat buffet. Facilities are new and clean and have state-of-the-art furnishings. Each pen is adorned with a large mound for you to enjoy whether you are tussling with a buddy or sun bathing. Luxury abounds! To book your reservations, please call…”

Makes you want to call and book a pen, right? Well, that’s what I hope our bulls think anyway. And you don’t think I’m crazy for making up an ad for our bulls, do you? I mean, everyone talks to their animals, right?

Okay. Good.

Anyway, we are very excited to be using the barn and invite you to come take a look.

Have a great day!

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  1. If I was not about to move back into my repaired house, I would book a room! After being there over the Holidays, I would like a heater.
    Great job guys and all that helped.

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