The Crazy Corriente

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We moved a group of cows the other day.

It was a cold day, so Grampy drew the short straw and got to ride the horse. The rest of us brave souls went along in pickups.

The drive went very smoothly and the good cows lined out nicely. I mean, look at those girls. If a class of Kindergarteners lined up that politely the teacher would be so proud.

But anyway, as I sat there taking this picture, I didn’t realize it could be the last picture I’d ever take. You can’t see it, but at the top of the hill on the left side of the road, our neighbor and good friend had a herd of cows.

And in that herd of cows was a sharp-horned Corriente. (This isn’t really her picture, because our neighbor’s cow’s horns were much sharper. And longer. And I had no presence of mind to snap a photo.)

And just as our cows passed the neighbor’s pasture, this crazy Corriente decided to go through the fence and join our herd. And there was nothing between that cow and freedom but a flimsy three-barbed fence…and me.

Well, at first I didn’t put together the fact that this cow had man-eating horns. So I wheeled up there like I owned the place and jumped out to turn her back. I was about halfway between the truck and the cow when I realized my life was in danger. So I stopped short and, luckily, so did the cow. I was standing there estimating my chances of survival when she took another step. I stood there and waived my arms like a lunatic thinking there was a slight chance I could make it back to the truck before she turned me into a shish-ka-bob. Bless the cow’s heart, she stopped again. It was a Mexican standoff.

This went on for what seemed like forever until, thankfully, Cuay came up the road and helped me get the sweet little darling back where she belonged. My life was spared!

Now anyone else watching this event would likely not have realized all the drama that was taking place. I mentioned it to Joe after the drive and he seemed to think the cow was not crazy at all and that the bull in her pasture had pushed her through the fence and she had no intention of eating my lunch and that I was a big wussy.

But let me just assure you that my version is much more accurate…from my point of view anyway.

Have a great day!

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