The Hays Weaning and Preg Checking by: Lindsay Hays

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We have just finished up our 4th day of preg-checking and weaning. Since our pastures are all spread out there was a lot of setting up and taking down. But as the days went by we became pros at the job.

This is a group picture of working the cows. Papa Hays brought the cows in. Cody ran the bar and pushed them up. I ran the chute, poured for flies, read weights, and cut the ear hair. Dad did hip heights, preg-checked, and took a rump image. Jessica and Mom did paperwork and measured rumps. Then I would let the cow out and the process kept going (at times it seemed like it would never end). But here we are, all done!

As part of a study we are doing with Iowa State University we collected fecal samples on part of our cow herd. Dad would get the sample and put in the bag that Jessica was so kindly holding.

Here’s Cody ear notching the calves.

I ran the chute, poured for flies, and drenched for worms.

Papa Hays, Matt Felton, and Brain Wimer were running the back at the Grant City pasture. They did a great job and even had time to visit as they were waiting on us up front!

It’s always a nice feeling to get it all done. I guess that is one good thing about homeschooling. We can go work cows whenever Dad has the notion to, in his defence though he did buy us a steak supper that night! But, now it’s back to school for us kids as we play the catch-up game.