The Kiddos

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Heather had company coming this weekend so the kids and I kept her kids for the afternoon. It’s always fun to have these guys around. They are so full of energy and always up to try something new…like ride in the wagon hooked to Matt’s bike.

I looked at the bike and wagon arrangement and saw a trip to the emergency room for a broken arm. The kids looked at it like it was the most fun thing to try in the world.

Except Jakey, who was more along the same line of thinking as me. He would only ride in it if we didn’t go too fast and if I held his hand. Smart boy, that one.

(And I’m glad to say no one broke an arm!)

We had a fun afternoon and found out that Jake’s tummy often talked to him. It kept telling him his tummy was hungry and needed to look in the pantry for food. I thought that was cute.

Have a good day!

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