The Kids

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When we moved cows the other day, the kids helped. Which is nothing out of the ordinary since the kids have helped since they were babies. And while it seemed like such a chore to get several extra horses ready back in those days, man has it paid off.

On one drive, it was just the kids and me.

And as I was busy taking pictures, you could probably say it was just the kids moving the cows. I’m afraid the tables have turned and the kids are now like, “Well, we gotta catch another horse cause Mom wants to go along and take pictures.” HA! I try to remind them that I am helpful. Sometimes.

I posted several of these pictures on Facebook, and people commented on how lucky our kids are to get to do this. And I couldn’t agree more. We are truly blessed.

Although the kids may not have agreed after they had moved cows all day, their toes were cold, and it started raining. But hey, I had been relegated to following along in the truck and trailer, so I was very comfortable. And they were very thankful I was following them. See, I can be useful…sometimes.

Have a great day!

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