The Little Squirt

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Jake came to visit me for a little while yesterday.  And when Jake is here, he likes to check out my pantry and refrigerator.  The boy likes to eat, and v knows just where to look.

Yesterday, as he was browsing through the fridge, he came across this bottle of lemon juice.  It looks similar to the Bug Juice bottles they have at convenience stores and Jake thought he had hit the jackpot.

“Aunt Bon, can I drink this?”

“Well, sure, Jake! Let me grab my camera.”  (What can I say, I’m in the running for “Aunt of the Year.”)

I thought this was going to be hilarious.  I could only imagine his puckered expression as he took a big old swig.

But the joke was on me, because just as I was getting ready to capture a video worth $10,000, Jake said, “You try it first.”  The little squirt.

And thus ended our quest to win America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Have a great day!

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