The National Anthem

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Imagine you’re going to a high school basketball game.  You pay your admission, find a nice, comfy seat in the stands, and settle in for the game.  You cheer for your team as the starting lineup is announced.  You clap respectfully for the referees as they are introduced, and while you’re at it, you say a quick prayer that you will refrain from yelling at those poor fellas over the next hour and a half.

The popcorn smells so good and you begin contemplating what delicious concession stand confection you will sample.  You turn around and visit with some friends who are sitting behind you.  You laugh, you talk, you relax.  You’re ready for the game!

Then the announcers says, “Will everyone please rise for our National Anthem?”

You look up and see the flag being lowered from the ceiling.

But instead of hearing the typical recorded National Anthem being played over the speakers, you see the Kindergarten class march proudly onto the floor.  They’re not shy or embarrassed; they’re not looking uncomfortable; they are focused on the flag.  And then, THEY START SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.  And they not only start singing, they start singing beautifully.  I mean these kids belt out the National Anthem to no accompaniment, no prompting from the teacher, just plain old hand-over-your-heart, honor and respect for the flag.  They don’t even need a microphone.  It is a sight to behold!  You get a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes as these little punks out-sing any celebrity you’ve ever seen, and they do it with such poise.

The song ends, the crowd erupts in applause and praise, and you look around desperately for a Kleenex.  Why on earth are you not more like your Grandma and keep one hidden up your sleeve?

You cannot get over how moving it was to hear a group of 6-year-olds sing.  And it makes you even more proud to know that one of those little squirts is your very own nephew.

Words cannot describe how cool it was.

Way to go, Kindergarten.  You made us proud!

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