The Nevada Trip

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By Jessica Hays

Last Thursday Dad, Cody, and I went to Nevada. Dad had to scan some and the town we were in had an archery shoot. So Thursday morning we got up at 4:00, got ready, and were pulling out of the driveway at 4:30. We had a 6:50 flight out of Kansas City. So when we got there, we got our bags checked in and got on the plane.

Here we are headed to Nevada. When we got to Reno we got our bags and a rental car. Then we headed to go scan about 80 head. When we got done scanning, we headed to the place where they were going to have the archery shoot. That night we ate and Cody shot some archery. After that we headed back to the hotel.

Friday morning we went to coffee with Mr. Eddie while Dad scanned another 80 or so head. Then Mr. Eddie took us to the shooting place where we were the night before. Other people were there helping set up 3D targets for Saturday’s shoot. (Dad was not there so I did not have a phone to get pictures of that.) Then it was lunch time. Dad got done scanning and headed over. That afternoon we set up tables and chairs and got yardage on all the targets.

Saturday was the shooting day! Now, I did not plan on shooting that day, but they changed my mind! We got singed in and warmed up before we shot. There were 40 different 3D targets! And all kinds of animals! Cody and I took turns with bow and arrows.

When we were done we ate and headed for the airport. We got home at 2:00 in the morning! Late night! We had to teach Sunday school the next morning, so no sleeping in for us!

I had a really fun time and would love to go there again!

Hope you guys had a good week, too!

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