The Open House

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What a day!  We held our open house Saturday, and although the weather was less than cooperative, it was a good day.

We had freezing rain Saturday morning (like 4:00 am) and the roads and ground were covered in a solid sheet of ice.  We weren’t sure what to do…cancel? Postpone? Continue as planned?  (Note to self, if we ever have an open house again, have a Plan B.  Lol.)

As it turned out, we decided to set the auction back till noon and eat first.

I was astonished at the number of people who ventured out.  We ended up with a good crowd!

Heather did an amazing job with lunch…

Thanks, in part, to the help of her lovely assistants.

It was a fun day.

And it was good to get to visit with our friends and neighbors as well as meet new customers.

The auction went well and all in all, the day was a success.

I just hope if we do it again next year, we have it in May.  There are a lot of bred cow sales in May, right?  HA!

Hope you have a great day!

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