The Plague

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It all started last week at the track meet. Abby commented that she didn’t feel well, and wondered if she could go home with Heather and the kids. I didn’t think much about it figuring she was just tired and would rather go with Heather than stay for three more hours at the track meet.

So Heather graciously took Abby home with her. And that’s when it all began. Poor Abby got sick on the way home. And within 24 hours, Brook, Jake, Emma, Grampy, and myself were all sick, too. It was miserable. I could go into great detail about how agonizing and gut-wrenching (hee hee) this dastardly, shameful, no-good bug was, but I’ll spare you.

Okay, I won’t.  This bug was merciless. It attacked every man, woman, or child it came into contact with. And not only did it cause immense discomfort and pain, but the day after all of that fun stuff, it completely wiped you out. As in you didn’t even have enough energy to get off the couch to get the remote to turn on the T.V. You just lay there staring at a blank screen because the thought of moving was just too much.

And okay, perhaps I’m being a little over-dramatic, and you’re probably sitting there thinking I’m just a wimp and can’t handle any pain. (In which case you would be absolutely correct.) But, all the other adults who contracted this toxic virus reported the same thing. Zero energy.

So when Heather came down with it yesterday, I knew I had to help out. I mean, it could be said that it was completely my fault that her entire family got this illness. Consequently, I thought the least I could do was take her kiddos for a while and let her rest.

And boy did we have fun. I forgot how much energy these little whipper snappers have.

We played in the corn.

We played on the equipment.

We worked in the garden.

We worked in the office.

And that was all in the first five minutes.

Just kidding. But we did move from adventure to adventure pretty quickly. There’s no standing still with these guys!

And Brookie serenaded us with her beautiful music…

We had a great time. They are such wonderful kids. And I gained a whole new appreciation for Heather. I don’t know how she does it every day.

Hope everyone has a great day! And I hope you don’t come down with this nasty bug!

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  1. It was fun looking at the pictures and I can’t believe how big the kids are. They sure have grown since we saw them in Sept. They are so cute.

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