The Recital

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Several of us went down to Maryville on Sunday after church to watch the kids in their music recital.

Jessica was the first of the Hays kids to perform and she was amazing. I can’t even explain to you how beautiful it was. She played “Jessica’s Theme Song” from the movie “Man from Snowy River.” If you get a chance, you can Google it and listen to the song she played. GORGEOUS!

And you should have seen Matt’s eyes light up when she started playing. He turned to me and said, “Jim Craig!” (“Man from Snowy River” happens to be one of his favorite movies.)

Jessica did such a great job. Grampy was pretty sure someone was sitting up there with her because he didn’t think two hands could fly over the keys that fast.

Next up was Code-man.

He played “Grandfather’s Clock” and it was a toe-tappin’-hand-clappin’ sort of song. I could even hear the tick-tock of the clock a time or two. He did such a great job! I’m pretty sure he’ll be playing on the Bluegrass station soon.

And to round out our afternoon, Lindsay played a piece from “Swan Lake.” I had never heard the song before, but it was beautiful. I absolutely love guitar music and when Lindsay plays, I can just sit and listen for hours. She does such a great job!

It was so fun to watch the recital. I look forward to it every year and think, “There’s no way they can top last year.” But every year they do! I can’t wait till next year now. Or maybe we can talk them into our own private concert one of these days. Be ready, Jessica!

Have a great day!

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