The Recital

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We all went to Maryville yesterday to watch the Hays kids’ musical recital.

I just love this recital. The church it is held in is beautiful. The acoustics are great, and the songs are some of my favorite hymns. In fact, the trio above played “I’ll Fly Away” for their final song. They all had bets going that I would be crying by the end of it, and I may have been. But here’s why. First, they did an absolutely awesome job playing it together. It was peppy, it was harmonious, and it was my sweet nieces and nephew. How could it not be moving?!

But the other reason for this song just ripping out my heart strings is because it was played at Grandma Marjorie’s funeral. And yesterday, I could just feel Grandma sitting beside me tapping her toes and slapping her knee and loving every minute of it. Grandma was a music fan herself and made it down to a recital or two before her passing. And I know this song would have been her favorite.

So that, my dear Cody, is why I cried. Nothing unusual or weird about it. Just your sweet auntie’s uncanny ability to cry at anything. And with any luck, you’ll have a wife one day who has the same gift. And my advice to you is just to put your arm around her and give her a hug. Don’t look at her with furrowed brows and a questioning look and ask, “Are you crying?!” That will only make it worse.

Now, onto the rest of the concert. Jessica played a solo of “Amazing Grace” which was out of this world. She plays the piano with such sweetness it’s hard to describe.

Cody played “John Hardy” and you should have seen his fingers fly! It was amazing.

And Lindsay play “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring.” It was beautiful.

I loved them all! We all had a great time and I could listen to these guys play all day. It’s been so fun to watch them grow and improve on their instruments. Keep up the good work, guys!

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