The Rest of the Visit

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By: Lindsay Hays

Ok.  Today we’ll wrap up Papa Jim and Grammy’s trip out there.  Leachmans were having a sale on Saturday so they decided they would stay for that!  There was a supper Friday night and the sale on Saturday.  Before all that though we had to do some studying!

Then they looked through the bulls some more!  🙂

Then we got to the sale!

I’d say if you had a bull question you should go to Cody.  He went through most pens of the bulls and made 5-10 notes by each bull.  I know, because I combined them all into one catalog.  He forgot his original in the morning, but we brought it over to him later.  It was kind of impressive to look at the notes!

I have a few more pictures that I want to share before we’re done!

On our way to Cheyenne we saw quite a few trees and windmills like this!  They were sooo pretty!  In fact I had to turn around in a couple drive ways so we get pictures of all these sights!  Grammy and I were doing just fine, but Mom and Jessica in the backseat weren’t too comfortable driving around like we own the place…  It was all perfectly fine though.

Papa Jim got to listen to some banjo music while he was here!  And speaking of music…

Before they had to leave we all played some music together for them to dance to!

We had a lot of fun, and are really happy they got to come out!  They’re welcome back anytime of course!

Have a great day!!!

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