The Scientific Results

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Did you pick your favorite chip? Were you up half the night wrestling with your decision? Was your mouth watering for a taste of one of these unique flavors? Well, Aunt Carolyn was gracious enough to test several of the varieties for us. Her highly regarded findings are as follows:
“Ok ladies, I have tried 4 flavors. Now for my scientific report:
Snag & sauce tasted like a barbecue chip. Couldn’t taste a hotdog. A snag is a hotdog.
Grilled pepper steak did have a grilled meat taste.
Lamb & mint tasted like a leg of lamb with a mint sauce.
Grilled chicken with lime & chilli–couldn’t taste chicken, but who can. Can taste lime & chilli.
Was surprised. They were all tasty & would go well with different dips.
Now do I cast my diet to the wind & finish the bags? Don’t think so. Too strong of flavors to eat whole bag.”

So there you have it, folks. The final report.

Now hop on Amazon and see if you can find that perfect variety of chip for Christmas.

Hope you have a great day!

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