Third Annual Cowboy Church

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We had our “Third Annual” Cowboy Church a couple weekends ago.  And I know, I’m really slacking.  I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m always telling myself “I just have to get through this week.”  The thing is I’ve been telling myself that for the last five weeks.  I might need to come up with a different line!

Anyway, I’ll tell/show you about Cowboy Church.  It was such a great time!  And when I say “We had our Third Annual Cowboy Church”, I should clarify the “we”.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Heather were the ones that really put this on.  Now, of course everyone pitched in and helped to get ready for it, but without Aunt Heather as head planner, I don’t think we would/could do it.

Before church, Matt and Uncle Joe took people on horse back rides.

This lady here had a fun story, I wanted to share.  She used to ride horses a lot when she was younger.  However, she hadn’t been on a horse for a while.  It was on her bucket list to ride a horse one more time.  So, at 78 years young she climbed up in the saddle and went on a ride with everyone!

After riding we all gathered in the barn and Uncle Joe welcomed everyone.

Then Cody did some pickin’ and a grinnin’.  I think the banjo is so cool to listen to!

Then I played and sang “Coat of Many Colors”.

And Jessica played “Bringing in the Sheaves” on the Piano.

Then Benson gave a great message!

Finally, Brook played and sang several songs!  I absolutely LOVE his songs!  Aunt Bon and I could listen to his CD 24/7.  We each got replacement CD’s, so if/when our CD gets scratched or stops playing, we won’t have to go long without his songs.

Here are some people pictures.

We had a great time putting it on and hopefully everyone enjoyed attending!   I have some fun pictures and stories from the “behind the scenes” point of view.  If you want to get the “scoop” check back soon!


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