To Fresh Grass

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We moved a bunch of cows around yesterday afternoon. The kids got out of school early so we had some extra hands.

We moved a bunch of bred fall heifers first, and after we got them across the bridge and past the neighbor’s house, three of us turned around to get another bunch while the rest of the crew stayed with the heifers.

And I got to be part of the group that went back for the second bunch which was great because I love moving cows down this road. The trees are overgrown and form a canopy. The smell of some awesomely fragrant flower was in the air. The birds were chirping, leather was creaking, and it was just a serene setting. And it almost brought tears to my eyes when I looked up and saw my dad and my son riding at the front of the herd. I mean, how many occupations can you work side by side with your family no matter what age? We are so blessed!

Have a great day!

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