To the Mountains… Again!

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By now you’ve heard bits and pieces of the trip that Aunt Bon, Uncle Will, Rhett, Matt, Abby, and Ashtyn took to come see us and for their family vacation, but I’ll fill you in on a trip to the mountains some of us took!

Dad was going to the mountains again to check in on the bulls so he invited whoever wanted to go. He said we could take the scenic road back and see some pretty views.

Mom, Aunt Bon, Matt, and Cody decided to stay home and pretend that they were running a horse business and had a bunch of horses on the property. The rest of us decided we would head up the mountain!

There was plenty of time to catch up on some much needed sleep. We had been getting to bed a little late, but that wasn’t entirely the problem. The problem might have been that after we girls got to bed we would talk for about an hour then decide we should really get to bed. So we would tell each other goodnight. And we would instantly go to sleep and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, right? Well, not quite. It just so happened that after we told each other goodnight another earth shattering thought would pop into our heads that just couldn’t wait until morning. So we would stay up another 2 hours talking! Cody told us that he and Matt stayed up talking for 10 (whole) minutes one night (gasp!)! I told him that Ashtyn and I stayed up talking 10 (few) minutes ONE night (that was speedy!)!

Smile for the camera… Flash! Opps! Too late! Actually, he just didn’t want his picture taken!

So pretty!

We could see the ranch from here! We were a ways up. It was so pretty here, just a huge valley!   We actually saw some people gathering cows while we were up there.

Looking at some bulls.

We ate lunch at the ranch! It was so cool! It used to be a dude ranch, as well as an elk ranch.

They had an old chuck wagon that we got to check out! Then we started our trek back home! It was really pretty and we got to see lots of wild life!

We got to see some moose!

Here’s the only elk we got a picture of, but there were several more that we saw along the road! I think they are so cool!

Then we got up in some snow! Where Rhett and I had a snowball fight!

There were several clouds that were below us! I think we got up to 12,000 feet.   Ashtyn was keeping us in the know with an app on her phone!

It was such a fun trip! We all got to enjoy God’s beautiful creation!

Have a great day!


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