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We have had some huge tomatoes this year. Actually all the roma tomatoes are large for romas, but we have had some that are huge! I took the garden over this year from Mom, and started my tomatoes from seed. Let’s just say they did great! The varieties were known for their size, so it wasn’t just my green thumb that did the trick!

OK. So I had to take this picture. I tattooed some of the calves, and I got a green thumb, literally!

My garden is by no means perfect or weed free, but it produced excellent! The thing I really like about gardening is that you have a clean slate for next year. I can learn from my mistakes this year, and improve next year. Like for instance, I should have spaced my tomato plants out more, but I didn’t know they were going to get so big. So, here’s a story. We had been weaning and preg checking cows for a few days. It was the last day and Mom and I really needed to do something with the tomatoes. I helped with weaning that morning then Mom and I started on salsa after lunch. I started picking, and picking, and picking more. Mom was about to have a nervous breakdown there were so many (insert sarcasm)!

We had two sinks full of tomatoes!

Here are some tomatoes compared to a quarter!

It took a long time before we finally got done! Plus, we’re one of those family’s that like to keep the heat and air off as much or long as possible. It’s a game we play! So we had the air off! The kitchen got up to 88 degrees!

We made it! I wasn’t sure I would though! Like I said it was hot in the kitchen, it smelled like tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic. I went to bed a little late, slept for a while then woke up. I didn’t feel the greatest! I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to eat anything tomato again. I could still smell peppers on my hands. I got back to sleep and woke up perfectly fine! Needless to say, I got over my “no tomatoes” declaration. I’ve enjoyed chips and salsa quite a bit after that! Lol! We got 36 pints of salsa and 17 quarts of spaghetti sauce! (We didn’t dress up for the picture. We were getting ready to leave for church.)

Here’s the biggest tomato to date! It’s actually two tomatoes that have grown together.

It was big! We’ve done lots of canning this summer. When we get it all done I will have to show you all a picture of all the jars together!

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. That was a big job, Lindsay! I’d say your garden project was a winner. If someone were to invite me down, I could help with the tomatoes–eat them, that is!

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