Top Hands

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We worked calves this weekend. And to do that, we recruited some top hands. Tate was so excited to get to ride.

We moved the calves from the pasture…

To the stock field.

Where they followed the feed wagon, and Tate, out the gate and across to the pens.

And I wanted to throw this picture in because I think it would have been a really good picture if it wasn’t blurry. Don’t you think? I mean, my horse’s ear are pointed forward (a necessity in good pictures in my opinion.) I appear to have a smile on my face. This angle doesn’t show the width of my thigh, and my horse isn’t taking a leak or anything else embarrassing like that.

But then I thought, it’s probably better blurry. My imagination is often more kind than reality. Ha!

Anywho…back at the chute. These boys were the “pushers.” They kept the cattle worked up the alley to the chute.

These boys all had a job, too. Cody poured them, Rhett implanted the steers, and Will ran the chute.

And I didn’t get any pictures of Abba, but her job was to run the sort gate.

In now time, the job was done and the critters were all put back in their respective pens. I love working cattle with my family, and it makes it even more fun when we get cousins/nephews to help.

Hope you have a great day!

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