Trip to the Mountains Part 2

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Ok.  One more post about the mountains and then we’ll head back to the flat land.  That’s kind of hard for me to do though.  I love them so much.  It feels like you’re in your own little world up there. We get no cell phone service unless we drive about 30 miles to town, and it’s pure ranch country up there.  Matt loved it for its lack of crop ground.

Matt and Cody rode their horses and brought the bulls up.

They got to be on their horses in the mountains and that is something that both the boys enjoyed!

And when they weren’t on their horses you could find them shooting’ the breeze in the back.

The girls had paperwork duty.

Mom took over when Jessica left to put lunch in the oven.

Then we all gathered around, and Dr. Holt explained what he was doing.

He sticks a catheter down the jugular vein and then the screen that Papa Jim and Grammy are looking at shows the PAP score reading.

It was all very fascinating.

Here we are on our lunch break.  We had quite the crew with everyone from IA.

Another look at our cowboys.

We even put Grampy to work doing what he does best.  He seems to always be the one loading cattle, but he does a good job!

Dr. Holt’s assistant had to leave early.  So the poor guy had me as his replacement.

On the last three or so I decided sticking them sounded like something I needed to try.  Dr. Holt showed me the proper technique of shooting the needle into the jugular.  It was an experience.

Anyway, I think everyone from IA had a good time on their vacation.  Several days of vacation involved working cattle, but what would you expect, really.  During our free time we had poker tournaments, corn hole championships, and games of pool.  We were happy they were able to come out!

Enjoy your day!


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