Tropic Resort

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For Emma’s birthday we decided to take the kids to the Ramada Tropics Resort in Des Moines this weekend. We left Brook with Bon, Jessica and Abby. The kids had a blast! We only went for one night but that was plenty of time for Joe and me. We were ready to be home.

We are ready to go swimming!

Ty was the only one brave enough to go down the slides. The other two tried but did not like is so never went down again.

Emma loved the tunnel.

Jake loved to drive the boat. He was right by the slides so even though he was scared to go down them, if another kid was sitting there trying to get the courage to go he had no problem giving them a little push. I thought I was going to have some mad parents but since the kids ran back up to go again they thought it was a good thing! Jake was the big helper of the ship.

Swimming really took a lot out of us. When we got back to the room we ate and soon after everyone was asleep. Then we were back at it the next morning before we left to head home! We all had a great time! Since we had no incidents we may even convince Joe to let us go again!

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