Uncle Dave

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We had a bittersweet week this past week. Uncle Dave passed away.

Now technically, he was Mom’s uncle, my great-uncle, the kids’ great-great uncle, etc., but to all of us, he was Uncle Dave. And he was an amazing guy.

He had a fascinating 95 years of life that included World War II service, years spent in South America working on construction projects, and owning his own welding shop.

He was a great storyteller, he had an infectious laugh, he had a gleam in his eye that always spelled mischief. He had a huge heart, was kind, generous, courteous, fun-loving. I could go on and on about his attributes, but words can’t really describe Uncle Dave. He was one of a kind and loved by us all. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Here he is fixing a bike on one of our trips to Grandma Lois’s. The kids all loved Uncle Dave. He saved our bacon on more than one occasion. If a chain came off, or a tire went flat, Dave knew just how to fix it or had a friend that could help us out.

We were blessed to have him as part of our family, and his smile will forever be etched on my heart.
We will miss you, Uncle Dave!

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  1. Sorry about the loss of Uncle Dave. He had a long life but will still be missed by all of you. Thanks for sharing the picture with Mom in it. Life goes on, doesn’t it.

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