Vacation Part 2

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By: Lindsay Hays

I will tell you about shooting archery today. Then I’ll do one more on Yosemite.

Here’s Jessica shooting. They had stakes placed in the ground with different numbers on them for different level shooters.

I shot this guy right in the center of the bullseye! Now, it didn’t happen every time (As you can tell we decided to get a picture of it. Lol!)

This shot was a little tricky. You had to climb on the rock and shoot downward at a pretty good angle.

Mom went on a couple of the shooting hikes when there wasn’t anything going on in the kitchen. We didn’t get a picture of Dad, but he went with us and helped with coaching.

We had a lot of fun shooting archery, camping, and working in the kitchen. It was probably the best part of the trip.

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