Week In Review

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It’s been a busy week around the ranch this week.
It all started Friday night when the Hays kids showed up.
Jessica and Abby decided it would be a good night to sleep outside… and I think they would have made it, too, if not for a darn possum.

Saturday brought Matt’s football game.

While Sunday we celebrated Will’s birthday…

And the ladies enjoyed a formal dinner.

Then we had a cattle drive and worked a group of cattle.

Followed by another cattle drive and working more cattle.

Followed by yet another group of cattle to work. (We worked a bunch of cattle this week.)
We did sprinkle in some fun times like going to the Homecoming coronation, walking on the nature trail, and just hanging out, but mostly, with three extra cowhands around, we worked.

I’ll try to show you more pictures of some of our adventures next week, but in the meantime, have a great weekend!

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