Weekend Wrap-Up

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Well, I’m sitting here in between classes (trying to stay awake) so I thought I would write this blog.  You see I scanned 120 head yesterday and then proceeded to drive nine hours home, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep.  Let’s get back to last weekend though and all the traveling!

Mom and Cody flew out to Nevada to ultrasound out there, but like I mentioned before Cody had other reasons for going.

Nevada is the place he goes to practice archery!  The lady Mom scans for has helped Cody over the years with archery and they have become good friends!  So Cody went to shoot all day and left Mom to scan by herself.

Poor mother!  She doesn’t look impressed that her little boy left her!  Actually, I think this face is probably her trying to figure out how to get a selfie, but who knows!

However, Aunt Bon looks happy to have Matt helping her!

They did have fun on the trip and really enjoyed the scenery, Mom is glad she got to get out of the office and go on a little scanning trip!

I think everyone had a fun time, and it was really cool how both Mom and Aunt Bon took their boys with them!

Hope everyone has enjoyed the nice weather we have been having!

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