Western Workout

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Rhett and I were walking through the heifers the other day when we saw this wayward calf on the wrong side of the fence.

Now had I been the only one checking the cows, I would have been like, “Tough luck, little dude. You made the poor decision to get on the wrong side of the fence, so you can figure out how to get back. Consequences, little buddy. Consequences.”

I’m good like that.

However, I had my strapping, sweet son along. The same son who has been missing out on weightlifting and track practice.

So we took this opportunity to squeeze in a workout…

He did 10 reps of calf curls, 10 dead lifts, and 30 squats. It was intense.

Just kidding. But he did haul the little squirt up the hill and back to his mama.

Where they all lived happily ever after.

And you know the toilet paper shortage? Well, it’s not just affected us humans. This poor girl ran out the last time nature called. We feel your pain!

Have a great day!

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