Winter Formal

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Rhett and Ashtyn attended the Winter Formal dance this weekend. (Not with each other…some kind soul just got them to take a picture together.)

What is a Winter Formal, you ask? Well I have no idea because my son thought it would be best if I didn’t tag along and check it out. Can you imagine?!

Oh, I asked to go, you bet I did. I thought it would be fun to “hang out” with the “it” crowd. Cause that’s where I’d be, you know…in the “it” crowd. I’d show them how to dance the Macarena and they’d be in awe. Then they’d beg me to teach them some more moves, so I’d crack out Cotton-Eyed Joe. They’d be swarming around me like bees to a honeycomb, begging for more. So we’d try the Chicken Dance followed by the Hokey Pokey, but we’d have to pass on Mony Mony cause that’s not really appropriate, and I am a mom, after all, and we’d finish up the evening with YMCA. Oh the fun we would have! We wouldn’t want the night to end. We’d have so darn much fun we’d decide we need to do it again in the spring…but only if I could be there. That would be essential.

Just a second. It’s all becoming clear now. I understand why Rhett didn’t want me to go. He wasn’t afraid I would embarrass him, he was afraid I’d steal the show! Poor kid. It’s tough having a mother who’s in the “it” crowd…

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  1. My they do clean up good!!! Can’t believe they wouldn’t let you be a chaperone. Maybe next time you and Clint can volunteer.

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