If You’re Go-ing to San…Fran…Cisco…

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I was going through my pictures the other day and came across this one of Abby. And it made me think of that song, “If You’re Going To San Francisco” which I really don’t think is the title of the song at all, but that’s the main chorus. And if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, which is why this picture reminded me of the song. Abby had gone out to pick some flowers for the table and apparently swung through California on her way. Funny how our minds work, isn’t it?

I thought it was a cute picture nonetheless.

And did you notice that curtain in the background? The one that is wrinkled at the top? I hadn’t either. But I’ll be darned if it wasn’t still that way this morning when I sat down to write this blog. But rest assured, I fixed it.

Have a good day! And if you find yourself humming a song about flowers in your hair, you can thank Abby.

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