Christmas Vacation

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I love Christmas vacation for many reasons. Celebrating the birth of our Savior, spending time with family and friends, eating scrumptious foods, opening presents…But I love it for another reason, too. I get to work cattle with my kids. Now, …


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It’s hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone! But what a wonderful time we had. We all went to Mom and Dad’s Christmas morning to have breakfast and open presents. Grandma Lois (she’s 95) was down, so that’s …

Weighing Calves

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It seems like Christmas time is a busy time around here. Not just because of all the shopping, eating, and gathering with family, but because this is a time we usually have a lot of cattle to work. It seems …


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We had the most gorgeous sunset last night. It was as if there was a fire in the sky. I was sitting in the living room watching “The Virginian” when it caught my attention so I had to step outside …

Science Fair

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Last night was the Science Fair for our middle school students. I absolutely love the science fair. We hadn’t had one for several years, but last year, Mrs. Bentley brought it back! And I really didn’t think the kids could …

Christmas Goodies

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Beck, Heather, Mom, the kids and I all got together yesterday afternoon to make Christmas goodies. We had such a great time! Mom’s house is the perfect place to make all the treats. Although I think we covered every available …

Church Program

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Our church had their annual Christmas Program Sunday night. It was absolutely amazing. I love our church’s Christmas Program! We have these wonderful ladies at our church who are very creative and they come up with a skit to bring …

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

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Today is Jessica’s birthday. She is officially a teenager! And she just happens to be in Texas right now celebrating with her family. (They didn’t go to Texas just for Jessica’s birthday. They had to haul some cattle down and …

Amazon Winner

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Jennifer Grace is the winner of the $100 Amazon gift card. Congratulations, Jen! And the person in the picture was Joe. Thanks for all your guesses! I had the most fun with this giveaway.