Harvest Party

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Yesterday evening, a group of us headed down to Maryville. You see, Beck and Craig’s church has an annual Harvest Party on Halloween night as an alternative to the traditional Trick-or-Treating. And it is so much fun! There are all …

Pink and Orange

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We dropped Ty off from school the other day, and Jake ran out to greet us. He’s always so excited when his big brother gets home. And today he was even more excited because he had just named their two …

Moving Cows

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Today was another gorgeous fall day. So we moved a group of spring cows down the road a little way to a stalk field.

My Random Day

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I had my camera with me today and when I got home to import the pictures, I realized I had a rather random collection of photos. I’ll show them to you! First thing, I had to run up to Mom …

Field Trip

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Thursday I got to go with the junior high students on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens in Des Moines. And Ashtyn just happened to be in my group! She’s so lucky. Poor Rhett didn’t get to be in …

ISU Presentation

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On Tuesday of this past week, I got to go to Iowa State University and give a presentation to the Collegiate Beef Team. It was such a fun time! I graduated from Iowa State several years ago, so I was …

October Test

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October is the start of the “busy season” at the feed efficiency testing center. We have the barns full of bulls to be tested and Wednesday was the day to give them their vaccines and EIDs. Dad is the one …

Fall Babies

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It was a gorgeous fall day yesterday. One of those days you just have to stop and thank God for. We’d had a string of dreary, damp, cool days, but yesterday was perfect. The sun was shining, it was warm, …

Grammy’s Birthday

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Wednesday was Grammy’s 39th (lol) birthday! Beck and the girls came up Tuesday night and we all had supper together. It was a fun time and Jakey even got to butter Grammy’s nose. I don’t know what we would do …